This kind of trading is applied in most cases, their financiers and experienced market professionals who adhere to the strategy of fundamental analysis. If you follow the economic news, and can assess the impact of external events on the fluctuations of the market, long-term options suit you, because it reduces the risks.

The deal on the long-term option is for a period of a minimum of several days up to a year.

If you belong to the type-strategists, traders who are able to follow the developments in the world economy, and to understand their impact on the fate of investments, of course, you will approach the long-term options. Despite the fact that they are inferior options with short periods of closing, your risks are reduced profitability other things being equal.

Let’s talk about the advantages of long-term option

“Senior” timeslots quotes charts contain no unnecessary “noise”. Type of long-term options are less common, however, the percentage of working off signals for items high enough, and more than 85%.

Another undeniable plus long-term options – is no need to spend days naproletvozle trading platform.

ALFABROKER.TRADE platform boasts very clear functionality with long-term options trades. We provide a “long-term options” for a period of 1 year of expiration.